Green Island


The seashore landscape of Green Island(Lyudao) is along the round-the-island road. In the clockwise direction, with sea breeze blowing, you can view all of the landscapes on the island, such as white Green Island(Lyudao) Lighthouse, Green Island(Lyudao) Prison, Human Rights Memorial Park, General Rock, Guanyi Cave, Nioutou Hill Prairie and Haishenping. After a half circle, you get to Jhaorih Hot Spring, a rarely seen undersea hot spring around the world. Change your swimming wear and enjoy this special bath.

Jhaorih Hot Spring

The underwater world of Green Island(Lyudao) is very fascinating. After you put on diving suits, professionals will lead you to experience the fun of underwater snorkeling. There are several ideal diving sites on the island. In addition, you can also take a glass-bottomed boat to appreciate the underwater landscape.